• Custom Made

    for Local Businesses.

    By a Local Business.

    We're proud to make clothes in Cincinnati

    We are a full service contract manufacturer for clothing and textile products based in Cincinnati, Ohio. We custom make eco-friendly products.

  • Custom Tote Bag for StartupCincy Week 2023

    Custom Products

    Whether you need uniforms for your staff or swag for your customers and event attendees. If you're a Cincinnati based business, we're here to help you with all your custom textile and apparel needs.

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    Classes Hosted By Moreau Sewing Unlimited

  • Who is Sewn in Cincy for?

    Local Businesses

    Whatever your custom textile or apparel needs, our team of skilled makers are here to create items that are as unique as your business and team.

    Local Creatives

    Looking to launch your own clothing line or product offering? Why not work with a team here in Cincinnati? We're happy to share our experience across every stage of the garment supply chain to help bring your vision to life.

    Local Boutiques

    Why buy clothes from halfway around the world when you can buy local? Our clothes are made by people just like you, for people just like you.

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    Our Manufacturing Heritage

    In the early 1900’s Cincinnati had a thriving garment industry.

    Most of it has now disappeared.Why?

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    Beyond the Price Tag: True Fashion Costs

    Over the last 100 years companies have moved their manufacturing offshore in search of lower prices. But this came at a cost. Skilled local manufacturing jobs were lost.

    Now workers in parts of the world with fewer rights are exploited for lower costs.

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    Artisans at Heart: Our Dedicated Team

    Making great clothes takes skill, knowledge and practice. Sewing can’t be automated. Fabric needs a human’s touch. We’re proud to create high skilled jobs for hard working people in cincinnati.