• Our Mission

    Empowering Communities, Crafting Sustainability: Elevate Your Brand Responsibly with Sewn in Cincy

  • At Sewn in Cincy, we're on a mission to revive Cincinnati's garment industry, and we invite your business to be a part of this movement. Our locally manufactured, ethically made, and sustainably sourced products offer more than just branding – they offer a chance to support skilled artisans, reduce environmental impact, and foster community pride.


    By choosing Sewn in Cincy, you're choosing to invest in well-paid, highly skilled workers, resulting in products that reflect quality and commitment. Our focus on local production means shorter transportation distances, contributing to higher environmental standards.


    Every purchase is a step towards building a vibrant local community, both economically and socially. We're dedicated to empowering craftspeople with meaningful work and opportunities, fostering a spirit of collaboration that resonates far beyond the products themselves.


    Join us in championing American manufacturing's potential for positive change. Let's start a conversation about responsible production, sustainability, and the vital role of local industries in shaping our collective future.

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