• Fashion Revolution

    Did you know around 97% of clothing sold in the U.S. is produced overseas, which raises concerns about fair labor practices and ethical working conditions¹?

  • The fashion industry need to change.


    Gone are the days when your grandparents would buy a well made jacket that would last them a lifetime.

    Today inferior quality imported clothing has flooded the market.

    These clothes are often made in a way that exploits workers and damages the environment.

    What’s worse is these clothes are made to be worn just a handful of times. In just a few months they’re “out of style” and thrown into landfill.

    The cycle continues and we’re all worse off for it.

    And without local alternatives, customers have no choice but to perpetuate the problem.

    That’s why we’re proud to be a part of a Fashion Revolution.

    A Revolution that prioritises slow instead of fast, well paid jobs instead exploitation and craftsmanship instead of cut-price.

    We’re proud to do this at home in Cincinnati. And if we succeed, our goal is to spread this model across the nation.

    It’s possible for us all to wear clothes we can feel proud of. Clothes that support our local community and protect our environment. This, is the Fashion Revolution.

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